brick for kids central module

brick for kids is a shelf system specially tailored to the needs of children. Its construction is deliberately kept modest and ingeniously simple, so no bolting or screwing is required. All elements can be added to vertically as well as horizontally. The shelf system is made of birch multiplex and comprises modules both with and without frames. Compact boxes serve as drawers and add the finishing touches to brick for kids. The surface is HPL coated, the main body of each unit is white, and the frame and fronts of the boxes come in white, yellow, green, blue, red or birch, nature.

Product Description

brick box for frame module I – gives creative flexibility
The shelf furniture impresses with its construction, which is composed of stacking modules in different sizes.

This design flexibility is made possible by the system of the other individual modules with folded sheet metal floors and simply put on. The side and ceiling walls of the modules consist of 19 millimeter thick MDF boards with white priming foil. The leading edges of these wooden frames remain in a natural look. The shelves of the modules are made of sheet metal and provided with a u-shaped fold. These folds allow a quick assembly and conversion of the shelf furniture and give it an exceptional stability. They also prevent visible material duplication and slipping to the front or back.

brick – stability and design through material mix
brick of pure position is made of wood and tin and focuses on functional design.

The shelf furniture brick creates an exciting look in every room, allowing a variety of combinations. The color scheme in white and nature exudes a restrained design. Brick stands for a zeitgeist that emphasizes the interplay between space and furniture, which defines the value of furniture in terms of material and aesthetics.

brick is functional. It lives with the user. It adapts to its needs. Fast. Light. Without srewing.

Additional Information

80 x 40 x 30 cm

Materials and colors
10 mm birch multiplex,
HPL coated in white, red, yellow, blue and green or in birch, nature