rolling box

rolling box is a chest for toys and utensils of all kinds. The chest is specially developed for children and its proportions have been adapted to the children’s bench that goes with growing table.

Product Description

rolling box is made of HPL-coated birch multiplex and is therefore very robust. There are two lid sizes to choose from, which can both be used as surfaces to sit on. A special feature is optional slot-in boxes with handles, of which a total of three pieces can slot into the rolling box. These are useful for storing small items such as game tokens or similar. rolling box is mounted on lockable castors with running surfaces made of rubber.

Additional Information

Dimensions and materials

  • 80 × 40 × 42 cm
  • Birch multiplex,
    HPL coated in white
  • Optional internal boxes with carrier handle
  • Four swivel castors