gt shelf

gt shelf is a simple shelf unit made of robust HPL-coated birch multiplex, which uses the same design language as growing table. The units fit perfectly alongside one another in a horizontal arrangement or one above the other. A smart feature is the optional series of holes in the base of the shelf, which holds boxes of pens or notepads as well as the bookshelf from growing table.

Product Description

gt shelf is a simple shelf based on the design language of growing table. Everything that should be visible and clear on the wall is taken up by the gt shelf. It can be suspended harmoniously in a horizontal row or with each other and offset. Since, like the growing table, it has a row of holes, tools such as pen or note boxes can also be integrated there.

Additional Information

Dimensions and materials

  • 80 × 21 × 21 cm
  • Birch multiplex,
    HPL coated in white
  • Option of shelf base with holes to fit the growing table tools