growing table

growing table is good at growing – just like your child. Thanks to the uncomplicated screw system, the legs of tables, stools and benches can be adjusted to four different heights. Suitable for children aged one and over. A particularly practical element is the tools: the mobile brackets for pens, paper dispensers and books can be slotted easily into the holes at the edge of the table. Thus growing table becomes the perfect place to work and play.

Product Description

For soloists and ensembles
The bench offers space for two – particularly useful when friends come to visit or a little brother wants to join in. growing table can be dismantled entirely and takes up minimum space when stored in its original packaging in case another new arrival appears on the scene. growing table is certified by the German TÜV technical inspection association, proving it also offers optimum safety.

Variable design
Your children’s needs change as they get older. Do they need more storage space for books? Adapt the tools to your children’s individual preferences. Be it a box of pens or a bookshelf, each individual part is available separately.

Purist design
What does rustic farmhouse furniture have to do with growing table? growing table is just as robust and long-lasting, and its design language is just as simple. The details, however, are new and contemporary. Thick, slightly diagonally-slanted legs hold up the strong, 25-mm surfaces of tables, stools and benches. This makes growing table unbelievably stable and gives it its typical, appealing look.

Growing together over four levels
Three parts, four levels: This is the basis for the simple and flexible height adjustment of the legs of growing table. For the smallest users, a height-one growing table uses one of the three leg elements. To move up to height two and so on, one element is added each time, up to the maximum height four, a working height of 72 cm.

Making organization child’s play
With the growing table tools, your children maintain a clear overview. The handy boxes contain pens and sheets of paper, whilst books can be stored on the shelf below or placed on the book stands when being read. Here your child decides for him or herself just how the elements should be arranged within the series of holes. Ample free space for creativity is provided by the paper dispenser, which stretches across the full width of the table. So there’s never a dull moment in play and work at growing table.

Two strong sets
The table and bench surfaces are manufactured from a solid, 24-mm, strong birch multiplex panel and are given an abrasion-proof white coating. The legs consist of homely, natural-colored solid beech. growing table is produced in the IWL workshops for people with disabilities. You can purchase growing table on its own or as a complete set.

Additional Information


120 x 65 cm
height adjustable legs for table heights of
42 / 52 / 62 / 72 cm

80 x 42 cm
height adjustable legs for seat heights of
24,5 / 31,5 / 37,5 / 44 cm
suitable for the table

42 x 42 cm
height adjustable legs for seat heights of
24,5 / 31,5 / 37,5 / 44 cm
suitable for the table